Wendy Imel for Bend-La Pine School Board
Wendy Imel_round.jpg

"We cannot allow continued remote schooling and lack of education to destroy the lives  and collective future of our children. We  must make informed decisions and not let politics and fear divide us. Education matters, and I'm ready to fight for the kids."

Maria Lopez-Dauenhauerl for Bend-La Pine
Maria Lopez-Dauenhauer_round.jpg

"Last year's lockdowns and continued school closures have created chaos for families and  seriously jeopardized the lives of children who were deprived of education, in-person instruction and the social emotional learning that comes  from being in school. I will speak out for families, and always do what's best for the children."

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"With over a year of lockdowns and school closures, parents know the price that's been paid — our kids have been put at a tremendous  disadvantage in terms of education and social-emotional development. I'm committed to getting them back and staying in school."

Gregg Henton for Bend-La Pine School Boa
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"School shutdowns and the lack of full-time, in-person learning have been devastating to  our children and their futures, but the problems  with education pre-exist the pandemic. It is incumbent upon leaders to consider the  complete picture, accurately assess the key areas for improvement, and propose solutions to increase outcomes for all students."