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Bend-La Pine Schools Board Candidates Unveil New Campaign Site & Information Ahead of 5/18 Election

Bend-La Pine Schools Board Candidates Unveil New Campaign Website Ahead of May 18 Election, Announcing ED300 Endorsement and Outlining Their Priorities To Improve Education For All Families

Candidates running as a team: Maria Lopez-Dauenhauer (Zone 1), Wendy Imel (Zone 2), Gregg Henton (Zone 4), and Jon Haffner (Zone 7)

“Our group represents 40,000 Oregonian parents advocating for getting students back to school full-time. We are proud to endorse Gregg, Jon, Maria and Wendy for school board."ED300

BEND, OREGON, USA, April 28, 2021 / -- After spending the last several weeks together, learning more about each other’s values, priorities, and personal inspiration to run for school board, four candidates representing the Bend-La Pine district have united in their efforts to bring common-sense, student-focused leadership back to education.

“For a very long time, like so many other parents, we have all recognized that our school system needs fundamental improvement,” says school board candidate Gregg Henton (Sunriver-Zone 7). “Last year’s pandemic was a disaster for countless families throughout the state and in Bend-La Pine, but also an eye-opener and wake-up call that things really need to change to address core problems that pre-exist COVID. Just to start, based on a track record of poor test scores and low student achievements, Bend-La Pine needs to do much better for the families that the school system serves. We believe students and parents need strong advocates.”

Today, to better share their message with voters, the candidates launched a website for their unified campaign:

With a strong focus on serving the educational interests of students and the expectations of all parents, the four candidates have outlined their top priorities:

1. Opening All Schools & Athletics

2. Academic Achievement & Improving Curriculum

3. Raising Standards, Measuring Performance & Improving Results

4. Less Politics, More Learning

5. Safe Classrooms & Student Mental Health

6. Accountability & Transparency

7. Advocating for Parents & Their Children

8. Fiduciary Duty & Fiscal responsibility

Interested voters can read more details around each of these priorities here: The candidates are also proud to announce the endorsement by several leading organizations, representing both state and national, with educational and parental interests.

ED300, Oregon Moms Union, Oregonians for Liberty In Education, Parents’ Rights In Education, and Moms For Liberty are endorsing these four candidates for Bend-La Pine Schools.

“As the local Deschutes chapter for Moms For Liberty, we are thrilled to see these passionate parents rise to the occasion to provide their valuable leadership,” says Shelly Baker, group organizer. “Our organization is concerned with achieving higher standards in education, holding leaders accountable, opposing government overreach, and promoting liberty. With so much disruption in our school system, our members recognize that Maria, Wendy, Gregg and Jon are the right team at the right time.”

All voters are invited to check the website frequently for more updates as the next 21 days before the election unfolds. Candidates will be posting more information that is relevant to their campaign and the interests of voters.

Real Parents Ready To Lead. Better Schools Serving All Families.

Maria Lopez-Dauenhauer (Zone 1)

Wendy Imel (Zone 2)

Gregg Henton (Zone 4)

Jon Haffner (Zone 7)

Contact: Gregg Henton -

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