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"Critical Race" Carrie Can't Help Herself

Updated: May 20, 2021

Yet again, "Critical Race" Carrie can't help herself from being a "white savior" (see her bio) which seemingly leads her to exercise poor judgement not only as an adult, but also in her role as the current school board chair.

Moments ago, she decided to post this image and comment on Instagram for the world to see, presumably designed to rally her followers to vote for one of her three hand-picked running mates. Guess it wasn't a prudent move.

Similar to what she did after doxxing her opponent Maria Lopez-Dauenhauer for Bend-La Pine School Board (Reference:, as sobriety sets in when followers don't respond favorably, Carrie deleted her slanderous post. But as the saying goes, the Internet is forever and I snapped a screenshot for the archives.

In her political recklessness, Carrie co-opted my post from a few days ago, in which I showcased a photo and fond memory of my days on high school track and my teammates — who happen to be black.

As anyone who can see from reading my post (, I was reflecting on the happy days of my youth, when everything wasn't centered around racial differences, and "this white guy" just respected his friends for who they are.

It's regrettable and deeply concerning that Carrie interprets this message as "wanting to move our country backward", but it certainly fits in with her goals and activist agenda, her exaggerations and erratic behavior. In Carrie's worldview, everything is considered "racist", and it seems she'll do or say anything to for political advantage.

Despite Carrie's callous comments which includes calling me "ignorant", I believe the majority of families, parents and Bend-La Pine voters want more unity and less division. I'm hoping they'll see what's going on with these attacks and vote accordingly.


Jon Haffner

— In other news:

Former Bend-La Pine School Board Chair Endorses Imel, Haffner, Henton and Lopez-Dauenhauer

"I have been watching the latest election from the sidelines and am struck by the overwhelming negativity directed at four candidates seeking to make a difference by taking politics out of the classroom and concentrating on common sense priorities that most parents would agree on."
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