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Official Endorsements

Updated: May 16, 2021

Common Sense Candidates Committed To Improving Schools For All Families:

Maria Lopez-Dauenhauer (Zone 1)Wendy Imel (Zone 2)Gregg Henton (Zone 4)Jon Haffner (Zone 7)

Wendy Imel

It's my pleasure to endorse Wendy Imel for the Bend-La Pine School Board. As a business professor, she has valuable experience as an educator and brings a fresh perspective to the table. Wendy is a great listener and a methodical decision-maker. I appreciate her focus on setting higher standards and greater achievement for all students.

I fully support Wendy and encourage people to vote for her and positive change by May 18th.

Justin Livingston, Former Bend City Councilor

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I endorse Wendy Imel as a candidate running for the Bend-La Pine School board. She is an educated, well-spoken parent with experience in education that has tirelessly advocated for putting students first over the past year. Wendy is running as a concerned Mom and parent without a political agenda; her focus is on guiding the Bend-La Pine School District to put students and their learning first. I am confident Wendy would be an asset to our School Board and would work hard to continue the work of our School District through a lens of “Kids First”!

Christina Kennedy, parent and teacher

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We are proud to support Wendy Imel for the Bend-LaPine School Board. Wendy brings a moderate, common-sense approach to ensure kids and parents are priority in our schools. With her kids in public schools, she understands the frustration families and kids went through this year. She brings her MBA, real-world business experience and is a gifted communicator as a college business professor.

Wendy understands how schools need to prepare kids for success in the real world and how to critically think, and not what to think. Wendy is dedicated to making a difference and will work hard for all families - please vote for Wendy!

Paul & Rachel Freed, parents

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Jon Haffner

What Jon Haffner will bring to the school board is the ability to listen, evaluate, and help form data-driven solutions that benefit students and the community to meet their needs, now and in the future.

Knowing from first-hand experience what's required for the role, I'm excited about what Jon can bring to the table and fully support his candidacy for Bend-La Pine School board.

Andy High,

Former School Board Chair

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I endorse Jon Haffner as a candidate running for the Bend-La Pine School board. He is an educated, well-spoken parent that has tirelessly advocated for putting students first over the past year. Jon is running as a concerned Dad and parent without a political agenda; his focus is on centering the Bend-La Pine School District to put students and learning first. I am confident Jon would be an asset to our School Board and would work hard to continue the work of our School District through a lens of “Kids First”!

Christina Kennedy, parent and teacher

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Gregg Henton

I am proud to endorse Gregg Henton for Zone 4 of the Bend–La Pine School Board.

I believe Gregg will bring a leadership and common sense to Bend-La Pine Schools that many of us want, but is currently missing on our school board.

Gregg has had successful and wide experience in business. I believe he will be a practical counter-weight to the political agendas of those that have kept our children out of schools for way too long and focused on promoting divisive ideologies in the classrooms. We need this change.

As a taxpayer with current teaching experience and his own excellent education, he will fight for better education that will make all students much more prepared for the future.

Vote for Gregg Henton to represent the southern Deschutes County and improve the results of our School Board.

Phil Henderson, Former Attorney, Home-builder and Deschutes County Commissioner

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As a former School Board President and retired Associate Professor at Northwest University, it is my honor to endorse Gregg Henton for Bend-La Pine school board position number 4.

Gregg is an experienced executive who understands how school districts work. He knows what a proper education is made of and will not politicize important decisions that affect curricula. Having been educated in one of the best K-12 schools in the world, going on to a Bachelor and MBA, he will not dumb down requirements for graduation or force controversial political movements such as Critical Race Theory or the 1619 Project on our children. I stand with Gregg 100% and hope you will as well.

Professor Larry W. Ishmael

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Maria Lopez-Dauenhauer

I am happy to endorse Maria Lopez-Dauenhauer for the Bend-La Pine School Board. It's great to see a mom with a diverse background joining this campaign and wanting to make a difference in the community by working to improve public education for all kids!

Bill Moseley, Former Bend City Council Member

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Maria has a passion for creating change and making an impact. Her genuine interest in the community and desire to improve public education is inspired by her own children and the desire to see all students achieve.

Michelle M. Miller, Arts Educator

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We moved to Bend from Portland several years ago after we decided on a new path forward for our wonderful children. After several years in the district, and for the first time ever, we made the difficult decision to place our two children in private schools last fall. We became so frustrated with the district and the ramifications of their decision making policies and therefore felt that we had no other choice for their educational well-being. So now we are hopeful that on May 18th, voters will choose a new direction for the future of the district and for our children. We hope to return our kids back to the public educational system, but we will not unless we see dramatic change. We know that you, Wendy, Gregg and Jon can make that happen!

The Havlin Family

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As the former President of the Issaquah School District in Washington state and a retired Professor of Economics at Northwest University now living in Sunriver, I fully endorse Maria for the school board! Maria is qualified, caring, and will do the best for our students. Her opponent has demonstrated she does not have the character to continue in her role.

Professor Larry Ishmael

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I have had the pleasure of knowing Maria for 2 years. She has 2 teens who attend SHS and is passionate about public education. She will not only fight to open the schools safely but will ensure a better education for our kids. Education is her #1 priority, along with mental well being for kids. Since the first day I met Maria, these have always been her priorities. She has always been motivated to get her kids the best education and is now fighting for all of our kids. She is motivated by all of us, our stories and our kids stories of how we need better. My kids future is the most important thing and that starts with education right here at home. Maria is passionate about being a voice for all of us. She is passionate about all our kids futures and education today and tomorrow. I endorse Maria as she is going to fight for every student and what is best for them.

Marianne Cox, Founder Street Dog Hero, mother of two

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I am so pleased and enthused by the candidacy of Maria Dauenhauer for the Board of Education in the Bend La-Pine School District, Oregon. Her integrity, dedication and Commitment are a valuable asset to the community and especially to our students and their parents. I endorse Maria’s appointment without reservation and am grateful to her for the willingness and desire to positively impact public education for all students.

Dr. Bogdan Dziurzynski, D.P.A., F.R.A.P.S.

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Maria is a mom who believes all children should have a right to a great education. She will make sure the well being of the children come first and will stand up for the needs of the community.

Danielle Scatena, mother of two

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It’s great to see a mom from our community working hard to improve public education for all students.

Jennifer Cox, mom of two

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I have known Maria as a devoted and loving mom first. Generally speaking, she is a civil and moral person who wants to serve and advocate for the children in the Central Oregon schools. We share the same belief that children need to move forward in their academic life. We both want students to be present mentally and physically in school while being protected emotionally against bullying and creating more psychological support for them during this pandemic. I fully support and am appreciative that we have someone like Maria running for Bend LaPine School Board. She represents what a lot of unspoken parents want on this district school board. I know she will have our student’s best interest and welfare at heart and not play politics.

Erin Prevatt, mom of four and nurse

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As an on hands business owner and mom, I feel it is extremely important to have another dedicated parent willing to be an advocate for our children. Maria is wanting to make a difference in our community by improving public education for all.

Tiffany Farrell

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I have known Maria for over 20 years and during that time, she has impressed me as a person who cares about education and the need for children to receive the best possible schooling to prepare them for life in an increasing complex world. Having two children in local schools gives her a viewpoint that is in line with parents who are sending their children to schools in the district. For Maria, school should be about education and not about making partisan political statements.

Michael O’Malley, Former Mayor of Los Altos Hills, CA

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I am writing to endorse my friend, Maria L. Dauenhauer, running as a candidate for the Bend-La Pine School Board. As a retired educator, I have been surprised at the response of public schools to the re-opening of schools to students full time. In order to support students, parents and school communities, it is imperative that our schools open fully in the fall of 2021. Evidence from both science experts and educational experts indicate that the harm being done to students who are not in school full time is greater than the dangers from COVID-19 at this point, yet many public schools are refusing to give parents adequate information about what is being planned for the fall. Parents need to know so that they can plan accordingly. Maria is an advocate for her school community, and is willing to speak for parents and students.

Maria also recognizes that once students return to regular classes, many are going to need extra support to try to recover from lost time in school. The focus of educators, including teachers, administrators, and school staff, will be to make sure all students have learning plans that will support them. They also should work on plans to keep schools open in case of future concerns for the health and well-being of students and staffs.

Maria offers a common sense point of view for the future of education in the Bend-La Pine

School District. She will advocate for a student-centered approach to curriculum that is fair and equitable. I believe her vision is reflective of the concerns of other families, and that she will put students and families first in her efforts to represent her community.


Nancy Dauenhauer


San Jose Unified School District

San Jose, California

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