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Sign of the times....

Sadly, over the last two weeks, we've seen many of our campaign signs vandalized or stolen. Evidently, our political opposition doesn't care for a fair fight. That's okay. Our side doesn't play that way. In fact, we believe it's a sign of the times — and we believe most voters have had enough of the constant grievance-mongering and blame-gaming. When it comes to children and schools, we must come together as American citizens. THANKS TO EVERYONE IN THE COMMUNITY who believes in our message of common-sense priorities, desires less divisive politics in the classroom, and trusts our team to represent the interests of all families who seek better education for their children. We appreciate your support and will work hard to earn your vote! Tomorrow, MAY 18 is the BIG day: Make your voices heard, and your votes count!

Maria, Wendy, Jon and Gregg

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