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What Politics In The Classroom? Bend-La Pine Schools K-2

It's about shaping political opinions, not educating our young.

For those who contend there's no politics within Bend-La Pine Schools, we've proven that untrue. Here's another example. If only current School Board leadership -- and those seeking election -- would be honest about it. Instead, they pretend it's not there, call us nasty names, while hoping they can distract attention & slide in to the seats to push their agenda forward.

We believe parents should know, and make the decision. After all, they're paying for the education and their kids should get the best education for future success.

Parents want advocates, not political activists. It's time for a new school board!

ON MAY 18, Vote for Wendy Imel, John Haffner, Gregg Henton, and Maria Lopez-Dauenhauer.


From the Bend-La Pine website:

Just a small sample.

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